Arnold 4

In Memory

Responsible for lighting, textures, and some modeling.

The Long Way Down

(VR Short Film)

Golf MK-1

Responsible for lighting, texturing, & background plate.

Responsible for lighting.


Pixar Magic Art Challenge

Responsible for lighting, textures, & posing.

( Mathilda model by Xiong Lin and rig by Leon Sooi. Pixar models by Eman Abdul-Razzaq, Grace Chang, Ethan Crossno, Siobhán Ensley, Derrick Forkel, Felege Gebru, Damian Kwiatkowski, Jeremy Paton, Leif Pedersen, Kylie Wijsmuller, and Miguel Zozaya © Disney/Pixar - RenderMan "Magic Shop" Art Challenge)


Responsible for lighting and texturing. 


Responsible for lighting and texturing. 

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